Looking at Spiritual DNA

Anyone familiar with DNA, knows about the scientific pictorial representation of a helical ladder shape. But in its simplicity, God involved immense complexity to our human minds. And it’s in that basic structure that is found a profound lesson.

Remember in Genesis 28, where Jacob had a dream from God of a ladder, and promised in that dream of incredible propagation of his family tree.It was a future promise that exceeded his capability to understand it. God promised he would never leave him, and promised him a dwelling place. Even though the words of Scripture tell of this, the only ones who REALLY knew what the dream looked like were God and Jacob. And later in Genesis 32, God changes his name to Israel. There are many interpretations of this portion of Scripture in the Midrash in Judaism, but I am focusing on one for this discussion.

When looking at our Christian life, it is important that we consider the DNA of what we believe and embrace. A blog needs to be as brief yet as comprehensive as possible. So with brevity in mind, only topical elements will be shown for this blog on actual human DNA. It consists of a twisted pair of special molecules forming a spiral ladder. The sugar-phosphate backbone “sides” of the ladder are held in place by “rungs” of highly specialized matched information joined by a hydrogen “bond”. When cells sub-divide as a human grows, and enzyme breaks the hydrogen bond in the center part of each rung, splitting the DNA molecule down the middle; and a new sugar-phosphate side is created for each ½ strand with the addition of the completion of new rungs.

Looking at our Christian life, we can assign one side of the ladder as “faith” and the other side of the ladder as “prayer”. Both are necessary in our belief. The reason we have prayer is because we believe when we praise God or petition God, He will answer. We have faith that He will. The reason we have faith, is because without faith, it is impossible to please God. And God tells us to pray with faith. They are interconnected like the DNA molecule.

But the importance of the hydrogen link must be emphasized. Jesus Christ IS that link. He holds all the Biblical information together that defines us. Picture Him in the middle with one outstretched arm holding the side of prayer, and the other outstretched arm holding on to faith. THAT is our example! Not only does every Christian have DNA of how their physical bodies are made up, they have spiritual DNA that allows them to minister to their sphere of influence in a highly specialized way. Look at Ephesians 4 to read all the major types of equipping DNA are present.

When we look at the enzyme that breaks the hydrogen bond connecting the rungs and sides together, we need to strongly consider that no one breaks Jesus Christ. But He allows the propagation and growth in His church by releasing the bond Himself for the purpose of adding believers to the fold. He grows more spiritual DNA from what He made. He Is the link between faith and prayer. He showed us how to pray, He shows us how to have faith.

We are all fearfully and wonderfully “made”. Our human DNA is incredible. Our spiritual DNA is supernatural. Rejoice that in the immeasurable complexity of God’s creation, there is simplicity that bonds us believers together.His name is Jesus. Without Him, prayer has no power, and faith has no purpose. He is the what holds us together. And that’s not a dream, it is reality.

“Lord, thank You for showing us how careful You were in making everything! Thank You for the complexity and the simplicity. Encourage us to embrace both and to lead others to You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

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