Looking at Spiritual DNA – Part 2

Last month, we looked at the similarity of our own physicalbody DNA molecule structure and our own spiritual DNA structure. The helical ladder shape of our physical body DNA contains incredibly complex instructions of what physical characteristics the person will have. The shape of the physical DNA can be an example of what our spiritual DNA looks like. And that spiritual DNA is as equally complex…

Our physical DNA consists of a twisted pair of special molecules forming a spiral ladder. The sugar-phosphate backbone “sides” of the ladder are held in place by “rungs” of highly specialized matched information joined by a hydrogen “bond”. When cells sub-divide as a human grows, and enzyme breaks the hydrogen bond in the center part of each rung, splitting the DNA molecule down the middle; and a new sugar-phosphate side is created for each ½ strand with the addition of the completion of new rungs.

Last week, we also looked at our spiritual DNA with one side of the ladder as “faith” and the other side of the ladder as “prayer”. Both are necessary in our belief. We can’t have one without the other. Why would we pray if we didn’t have the faith that God would answer in a way that would bring Him glory? And faith is the exact commodity that’s necessary that allows us to approach the Throne of Grace with our praises, our petitions, and our cries. Hydrogen is so unique in that it is the simplest of all elements, yet it does incredibly important things.

So how is our spiritual DNA important to those around us in our families, businesses, and church groups? As Christ demonstrates His power in our spiritual DNA, He allows us the opportunities to reproduce, as well. When a person allows the Holy Spirit to operate freely; a co-worker, a fellow student, a patient, a physician, or a simple onlooker will sense a difference. In a moment that defies human logic, the Lord begins a transformation in another person based on what they saw in you! This is so supernatural, we can’t fully comprehend it.

For example, I remember when a fellow nearing retirement age where I worked spoke to me about Jesus Christ when I was age 25, I couldn’t even digest all he was saying. But through his persistence, patience, and example; the Lord worked me into a position where it was evident I needed salvation. Did this man named “Walker” save me? No. Did he have the power to influence me? Yes. So,his spiritual DNA branched off into mine. During my testimonies of my faith over the years, I never fail to mention him as part of my spiritual DNA that the Lord used. I will never forget how he let the Lord influence him to work on me. And all of the ones I have led to the Lord, part of the DNA structure of Christ in them includes me. The fabric of believers is woven with the strands of fellowship, faith, prayer, and support.

Even as believers pass on into eternity, the fabric of Christianity keeps building because the spiritual DNA that Jesus is every strand of, keeps bringing the new children of God into the fold. It is so important, because the fabric not only grows in length and breadth, it also grows in thickness. It is like a massive temple spiritual veil that can never be torn of taken out of our Father’s hands.

“Lord, thank You forour physical structure as well as our spiritual structure. Help us to be aware of the Holy Spirit’s presence and urgings, and allow us to move within that spiritual direction to impact many around us for You! Let us share our faith so reproduction of believers takes place!! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”


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