A Divine Unexpected Introduction (Is a car wreck just an “accident?)

It was over in about 1 second. A line of cars was stopped at a traffic light, and my wife was in the last one in line. Another one hit her from behind, and she got shoved into the vehicle in front of her. Police arrived……..  She was able to get out of our car, and walk to safety. But with loud bangs, our car was totaled.

My wife called me because I was working at a construction site. By the time I raced to the “accident” site; my wife had shared her faith in Christ with the guy that hit her, the guy that she was shoved into, and the State Police Trooper who made out all the paperwork. What would you have done?

I have some questions that need to be answered. Who will answer them? Who will answer them right? Would I be able to address ALL aspects of EVERY event that occurs? So let’s start…

Why did this happen?  Why did it happen at THIS time? Why did it happen between THESE people?

What’s the answer? Is there just ONE answer?  How I saw it, addresses the following in my mind:

  • The Lord knew the vehicle we had needed replacing, and this was one way to do it.
  • The Lord knew a guy who was a member of a rock band needed the message of the Gospel.
  • The Lord knew a guy who caused the wreck needed to hear the message of the Gospel.
  • The Lord knew a State Police Trooper who attended to the accident needed to hear the Gospel.
  • The Lord arranged that the wreck was local, and close to our home and a hospital.
  • The Lord arranged the wreck, so the other guys could meet each other.
  • The Lord brought to the attention of our grandchildren the importance of prayer, and several at their school prayed!
  • The Lord brought our friends closer, and our families closer through this.
  • The Lord is introducing us to quite a few other people at dealerships who need to hear the Gospel, as we seek to find a replacement.
  • The Lord is not done with the effects of this incident! There are more that have not been revealed yet!

Do I have all of these correct? Do I have ANY of these correct? Only our sovereign God knows!

Acts 8:26-38 talks about how Phillip was guided to an Ethiopian eunuch struggling with understanding of God’s Word. Phillip knew it wasn’t an accident. But it must have surprised the eunuch how Phillip got there or why. But look at the result!

As we live each day, let’s celebrate not only the present part of the Lord’s provisions, let’s celebrate what He’s going to do!!

“Lord, thank You for providing daily interaction with You and with others. Thanks for all the hidden blessings we can tend to overlook during our routine activities. Please allow us a glimpse into how wonderful it is to be a believer, and how challenges in our own eyes can be the greatest experiences You’ve orchestrated for us!In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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