Real Reason for All Green Lights

It wasn’t really that far. I was going to visit a friend about 25 miles away, and was expecting the trip to take maybe 40 – 45 minutes due to the number of traffic lights between my home and my destination.

I thought myself fortunate to make the first three sets of lights with the welcoming green color that allowed my foot to just touch my brake pedal lightly a few times. What was SO interesting was the fact that each successive traffic light that I came to, it changed to green just as I was approaching. One by one, they ALL were green on my travel, and ended up chopping 10 minutes off my trip time.

So, I got to thinking: WHY did that happen? Was it just “chance” that at THAT EXACT time of THAT EXACT day where my vehicle would be in all those positions for ALL those traffic lights to be green? No, chance never entered into it. After all, I have experienced going to other destinations where it seemed I hit every RED light.

The real meaning: Our Lord God knows EVERY THING about EVERYTHING. He wanted me moved along with the green lights so I would be out of the way when something else happens behind me that the Lord didn’t want me to be involved with. In likeness, I hit all red lights one day because He wanted me slowed down to keep me from being involved with some calamity ahead that I didn’t know about, that He DID.
What if we looked at all situations like that?

  1. I went to the hospital because there was something medically wrong. Nope, Not right.
    You went to the hospital for that as well as for the REAL reason, and He used it for that.
  2. My alarm went off (or didn’t go off at all) at the wrong time, and I was late. Dumb me! Nope!
    There was a REAL reason why He wanted a delay in your departure or arrival.
  3. I didn’t get the promotion because there was underhandedness, and I was cheated. Nope!
    There are great lessons being AT WORK with a PURPOSE. When I thought there was persecution my upper management that I thought was unreasonable due to differences in management philosophy, I became frustrated and cried out to God! His verbatim response (which changed my life) was simply: “If I want you there (at that work), there’s nothing THEY can do about it. If I DON’T want you there, there’s nothing YOU can do about it.”

AH, the incredible POWER of God. Yes, He works in ways that will confound our human intellect!

“Lord, thank You for being with us that we can and can’t see. Allow us to embrace the aspect of You watching over us ALL the time, and appreciate You being in control of YOUR creation for us, so that maximum purpose can result when we trust You!
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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