“You can’t get there from here…” – The Road to Revival (Part 21 of a Series)

1) The snowstorm was fierce, and the winds whipped the flakes into huge snow drifts. Regular vehicles would be forbidden to go outside because the road ahead was treacherous. What was getting through? The all-wheel drive vehicles.


Why? They were equipped for adverse conditions and situations…….


2) The floodwaters were rising fast, and flat highways were flooding. Regular vehicles would not be able to use the roads ahead, and wouldn’t make it up those winding unpaved steep inclines out of harm’s way. What was getting out? The all-wheel drives vehicles.


Why? They were equipped for adverse conditions and situations……..


Regular vehicles outnumber all-wheel drive vehicles by far. Why? Is it because we never expect adverse conditions and situations? No. It is because we look at the road ahead and see what we want to think lies ahead.


A) We buy vehicles with windshield wipers, headlights, brake lights and safety glass for our own protection. But all wheel drives have those too.

B) We buy vehicles with heaters and air conditioners for our comfort and well-being. But all-wheel vehicles can have those too.

C) We buy vehicles with beautiful colors and flashy chrome and sports decals for an expression of our taste and personality. But all-wheel drive vehicles can have those too.


So why DO some choose an all-wheel drive vehicle? Most of the time, these buyers KNOW that the road ahead or terrain in the future has unexpected hazards, and they like having the peace of mind that they’re prepared. It doesn’t matter if it’s used once or many times. It’s peace of mind.


As we go down the road throughout our lives, we see all kinds of vehicles. But we don’t notice the difference because there is no calamity. We all look the same, right? But when trouble does come, the difference is stark. It is the same with our spiritual condition.


Christian believers outnumber non-believers by far in the US. As Christians, we have the peace of mind that Christ our Lord will be that resource who can deliver us out of serious conditions and situations because we are EQUIPPED with Him in our lives. Non-believers are not equipped, so they look at us in daily situations at work, at home, etc., and watch us get through many of that same trauma and challenges. They might not pay attention to us when the going is easy, but when we share our faith and allow them to see how we get through, we become the example that will give them the chance to receive the Savior, and get that peace of mind.


“Lord, we can become leaders through tough times if we allow You to lead. We are equipped with You, and want others to be as well. Equip us with the courage and wisdom to share at all times. In Christ’s Name, Amen.”


By Lee Kresser


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