The Road To Revival – Part 29 of a series – “Your Rail Road, Tracks to Heaven”

We’ve all seen railroads. Some of the older folks remember the old steam trains, and recall the lonesome sound of the steam whistle as the locomotive chugged across the rails. And we’ve all been caught at one time or another while a train crossed a highway. The feeling of despair come flashing back as we remember each time when we saw the crossing gates begin lighting and start their descent to put an interruption in our daily activities. Then we would sit there while a slow-moving freight would block the way and temporarily take our schedules hostage. How many trains have to wait for cars?

We all must coexist with train traffic, but why the transition to vehicle traffic? Why the change? Was railroading bad now? Let’s look at it:

  1. Railroads are inflexible because the moment they leave the rails, everything stops. The train can only go where the rails were put down.
  2. Railroads are restricted in services. Unless the train itself has every convenience, you had to wait until it reached a stopping point.
  3. Railroads have few places where a faster train can pass a slower one going in the same direction. There is only one “lane”, meaning every train has to go as fast as the slowest one, because they would be always in single file. Where there are parallel rails lines in the same area, at least there would be opportunities for trains to pass in opposite directions.

But there ARE advantages to rail.

  • The “hills” are much more gradual, so recklessness is significantly reduced.
  • Incredible speeds have been achieved in trains in other countries, some going well over 200 MPH.
  • Since we are not actually “driving”, we can concentrate on other things until we get to our destinations.

Let’s look at ourselves through the railroad lens.

  • The Lord gives us a direct, easily accessible route to the throne of grace. There aren’t any gates to stop us from praying. Wrong living will hamper things though.
  • Prayer can achieve blinding speeds. As soon as the prayer leaves our mouths, it’s in His hands.
  • Too many times, we get “off-track”, and everything seems to stop. We’ve de-railed from our spiritual growth and it takes time to get back where we were.
  • There are no slower ones that can block our way. God allows instant access from everyone.
  • It’s time to let Him drive for a while. How many times do we want to be controlling our own lives? If He tells you to do something, then do it while He doing everything else. Trust Him!

Lord, so many of us get caught up in things that You’ve told us You will be doing. Forgive us for thinking things get done in OUR strength. Let’s be at OUR work on purpose. In Christ’s Name. Amen.”

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