So Is This What A Reunion Looks Like?

I looked around at the crowd as they came from near and far. The gray hair, the “no” hair, and the facial wrinkles were evident that time affects everyone, everywhere. Some remembered German class, French class or Spanish class. We talked of long ago; when eyes had more sparkle, times were simpler, and we all were trying to understand what our lives would be after “graduation”.

Why do I say this?  Well, I just participated in my 50th high school class reunion. It was held in a historic venue in the greater Boston area, and people came to it as far away as Arizona. One came in a wheelchair, some were walking with effort, and some still moved fairly easily. It had been a long time since I had seen most, and some I had just seen recently. Memories and tears flowed, laughs and innocent surprise pranks were repeated replicating years gone by, and many engaged in thoughtful conversations discussing careers and families. Sadly, there are some who we looked for and weren’t there.

Then……It’s over.

But there is a larger scale reunion that is on the horizon! There is one where millions will gather! There is one where people from all over the WORLD will be in! There won’t be confusion over language! There won’t be any travel anywhere because we purchased a ticket! We will be there because the ticket was purchased FOR us by the precious blood of Jesus Christ! There will be tears that will be wiped away, there will be cares and troubles that will disappear, there will be no limping or wheelchairs, no hearing aids, no corrective glasses or prescriptions. Sadly, there are some who we will look for and won’t be there.

And best of all: there will be NO END to the reunion! And we will FLY! Where will it be? When will it be?

The Bible tells us that we will recognize people after this life. Remember Lazarus in Luke 16:19-28? See how he and the rich man were able to see each other (plus Abraham) and talk after going out into eternity. Focus on verses 22 through 24: “So it was that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom. The rich man also died and was buried. And being in torments in Hades, he lifted up his eyes and saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom. “Then he cried and said, ‘Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus… .’

Matthew 8:11 shows that we WILL see other Biblical characters at this reunion in heaven! “And I say to you that many will come from east and west, and sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven.”

Jesus met Moses AND Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration in Matthew 17:1-10. Focus on verses 3 and 4 where Jesus was talking with the two and Peter joined in the conversation with Jesus: “And behold, Moses and Elijah appeared to them, talking with Him. Then Peter answered and said to Jesus, ‘Lord, it is good for us to be here…’“

So, when is this reunion? Jesus is waiting for God the Father to tell Him the date and time. A believer in Jesus Christ for the remission of sins has automatically sent the RSVP in with an open date. And there will be similar searches for those who won’t be there due to their unbelief. But I Thessalonians 4:16-17 describes the event as we meet with those who arrived ahead of us. “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus, we shall always be with the Lord. Wow! The banquet has been arranged. We NEED to be ready!

“Lord, thank You for planning a reunion of majestic proportions! Let us not be weary in making sure as many can go with us! Let’s be bold and confident in getting as many as possible into our “class” for this reunion. Instead of being simply in a yearbook, we are in the Book of Life! We pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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