STILL Au Courant

This is my second installment, but it still feels new to me. While I have been seeking to help believers walk out their faith at work for a while, participating in this blog is the new part. I was a congregational pastor for about half of my career. That was mixed in between the U.S. military and a number of jobs in entry level and middle management positions. I have worked as a temp, a customer service supervisor, fork lift driver, tech manual author, junior consultant, hamburger flipper, short order cook, stock boy and maybe one or two (or 10) other positions. All throughout those jobs and careers I often would sense that the L-rd was drawing me to a deeper purpose and a higher calling.

A lot of people believe that deeper purpose and higher calling means to be a congregational pastor. While there are aspects of that career choice which can be fulfilling, I do not view it as more pleasing to G-d. Each one of us has a calling in the Kingdom to fulfill. To rank one as higher than the other is inaccurate. The parable of the talents teaches us there is a higher responsibility in certain positions, but not necessarily a higher importance. The word used in that parable to show how much much responsibility each servant had is the greek word “dunamis.” It comes from the same root word as “dynamite” and simply means “power.” So the servant with 5 talents had more “power” or ability to handle the money he was given, compared to the servant who had the ability to handle 1 talent. It is what each one did with that talent which was important. The 5 talent servant was rewarded for his faithfulness and the 1 talent servant was castigated for doing nothing.

In another installment I will talk more about different roles in the Kingdom and how each requires a different amount of “power” or “ability.” There is a process which has been called “The Four Streams of Healing – Discipleship, Counseling, Spiritual Warfare and Deep Restoration. Until we have a chance to explore them together, let me leave you with a couple of thoughts. No matter what stream we ultimately are given to walk in, we each have a specific purpose in the Kingdom. All of us have the joint purpose of giving Glory to G-d. That is why we were created. The way we give him Glory is different for each one of us. It is when we walk in a place of healing, and learn how to live out our calling that we truly Glorify him. Whatever stream you walk in, pointing others towards the Author and Completer of our faith is the ultimate goal. As we point others towards Yeshua (Jesus) he gives them the opportunity to live their life Glorifying G-d. It is the oldest calling I know of and yet it is still au courant.

I may have gone too long here. I will try to shorten it up next time. For now, I thank you Chuck for this opportunity and offer a closing introduction of who I really am. I am a husband of a great wife who works at a local Christian University, a dad of 6 original children (2 are in-laws), a Jewish believer who still thinks the Nation of Israel is au courant and part of G-d’s plan for the future, and someone who seeks to walk daily in continual communication with G-d. To that end I look forward to sharing life with you through this blog and look forward to any personal interaction we may have together in the future.

Shalom uv’racha, beShemYeshuaHaMaschiach – Peace and blessings in the Name of Jesus the Messiah.

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