Sweet Surrender

“Surrender” sounds like a dirty word in the hyper-competitive world of work. But the spiritual reality is something different altogether. When we committed our lives to Christ we not only embraced him as our Savior, but also submitted to him as our Lord.

Are you listening for your calling?
Many of us yearn for a “calling” at work, but instead insist on advancing our own career interests. If we’re serious about fulfilling God’s call in our work lives, then we must be serious about surrendering to God’s direction for our work.

The Latin root of the word vocation is “vocare,” or “a call of God on our work.” In other words, our true vocation belongs to God and not to us. I don’t know what your vocation is meant to be, but I do know this: God regularly calls us to uncomfortable places at work so we can be spiritually significant in our contributions at work.

How uncomfortable are you?

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