Workshops and Coaching for Integrating Faith and Work

At Work on Purpose has developed a wide range of services in coaching, training and consulting.  For individuals, we apply The Faithworks Journey and The Choices Profile as key tools for maturing in the integration of faith and work.  For organizations, we prepare them to blend business and ministry as BIZNISTRIES in the workplace.  At Work on Purpose specialists customize the learning plans that establish process steps for individuals and organizations to sustain change in spiritual formation at work.

By learning THE FAITHWORKS JOURNEY™, you can discover HOW to experience your faith life at work as the unfolding process that it is. At Work on Purpose offers ongoing full-day workshops and group coaching in THE FAITHWORKS JOURNEY™. Contact us for more information or to register.

At Work on Purpose has outlined this path of spiritual progress into THE FAITHWORKS JOURNEY™.

Viewing Ministry as a Command versus a Suggestion
Acceptance of this starts a process of reorienting us spiritually at work in our thoughts and feelings.

Pursuing Vocation in Service versus Serve Us
Direction towards God’s calling guides us to recognize our capabilities and interests spiritually.

Setting Precedence for Needs versus Wants
Sacrifice for God’s Kingdom at work leads us to reconsider priorities, and sometimes employment positions.

Putting Emphasis on Significance versus Success
Growth in our faith walk at work unfolds more and more visibly as we fulfill God’s purposes for us at work.

Holding Appreciation for Being versus Doing
Maturity as a Christian at work becomes evident to others through our commitment and contribution to the Lord.