The Family Tree – Part 2

I introduced the guest on my radio program back in October 2012, named Milton Crenchaw. I thought he would be a great guest because of at least a couple of things:

  • He was a World War II participant
  • He was the original Tuskegee Airman member, and was a member of the Army Air Corps and a pilot training instructor. Over decades, he logged over 10,000 hours of flying and flight training of other pilots.

Milton, has now gone into glory, being born in 1919. I still kept his old phone number in my cell phone as respect for him and his accomplishments. But he said something to me that will be indelibly etched into my memory. Not only did he mention it during our initial conversation prior to the show, but mentioned it on the air during the broadcast.

“There are only 8 types of blood types in the world, why is there so much strife? Why can’t we get along? It doesn’t make sense to me.”  Great observation from this seasoned veteran.

Think about that for a few moments. Some of our most determined enemies have identical blood types as we do. Incredible, isn’t it? And even our immediate family members may not have the same blood type as we do. So how can we be in the same family tree if we have different blood types? That is not a perplexing question.

Our Creator engineered complexity AND simplicity! The complexity of blood is astounding, with abilities for immunity, clotting, carrying fresh “food” and oxygen to all the cells, and then waste products and CO2 back to be eliminated from the body. So why did God:

  • Make so few blood types to accommodate almost 8 billion people? How is that possible?
  • Have a divine blood type that NO ONE else has, that was shed for humans so they could be part of a heavenly family while still having their own blood circulating through our bodies? How is that possible?
  • Create a plan that all that are covered by the blood of Christ THEN become part of a whole different family, the family of God? How can one blood, with divine complexity; become the very one that unites everyone? It doesn’t matter what blood type they have when they’re born, His royal blood now flows through my veins, says the song called, “Child of the King.” How is that possible?

So the millions of combinations of DNA that makes us SO unique, is coupled with the incredible fact that we can not only be grouped by 8 physical blood types; but we can be grouped under ONE blood type with Jesus’ DNA after our conversion. How is that possible? Redemption by the King of Kings makes things like that possible. Without blood, we physically die. Without Jesus’ blood, we spiritually die.

“Lord, thank You for the parallel of so many physical things we identify with, which also has a spiritual application. The importance of our physical blood, His physical blood while He was here on this planet, the 8 blood types in the world and the one in Christ.The enormity of those connected factual attributes shouldn’t puzzle us, but fill us with awe. Lord, help us to tell others about this miraculous transfusion they can get in Christ. In His name, Amen.”

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