The Good Commission

In the Great Commission, Jesus engages the Church to GO and make DISCIPLES of ALL nations. Reflecting on this scripture over the years, in the context of Christians at work, I’ve become increasingly convicted that we are only scratching the surface through our work lives. Far too many of us go to work, but don’t bring our spiritual influence with us at all. Far too many of us train and develop people at work, but overlook work as an arena for discipling other believers, and for reaching spiritual seekers. Far too many of us, even with global spheres of influence, fail to recognize the potential of those networks for spiritual connections to nations worldwide.

I was speaking recently with a Christian entrepreneur, passionate about the social enterprise he had established, and its “triple bottom line” to serve people and the planet while also generating profits. I inquired about how he was leveraging the enterprise for the Great Commission, and he replied that “sharing faith” was a “bridge too far” in a “secularized marketplace.” Scripture asks us . . . what good is it to gain the world, but forfeit our souls?

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