The Hospital Assignment

The Lord woke me up out of a sound sleep at 2:30 AM Monday 06 MARCH 2023. I couldn’t seem to close my eyes again…… I wondered why, but got my answer very quickly. I had been experiencing stressful living for some time, and the Lord addressed it by bringing reality in a bold way:

The Lord speaks: “Am I bigger and stronger than anything?”
Me speaking: “Yes, Lord.”
“If so, am I bigger and stronger than any adversity in your life?”
“Yes, Lord.”
“If so, could I take care of any adversity if I wanted to?”
“If so, do I not have the power to NOT take care of it if it is My will?”
“Do you believe now that you are experiencing this current adversity because it is My plan, and to bring you through it?”
“Yes, Lord. I understand.”

At that moment, a flood of peace and assurance overwhelmed me. I pondered that experience, and knew my Lord was taking care of me through this dark valley. Why then was He telling me these things? Why? He could have woken me up other days, or other times during the day. Interestingly, I was then able to fall back asleep in His arms.

The next day, I felt a tightness around my chest a few times, and ended up in the ER of a local hospital. Little did I know that this trip to the hospital was ANOTHER ministry opportunity to talk about Jesus Christ, reveal deep truths to various employees of the hospital, and to pray for different ones. These stories will be told in later monthly blogs. Powerful stuff!!!

When we pray for healing, are we sometimes suggesting to God that He doesn’t have a handle on things?

“Lord, You surround us every day. You know our lives and ALL the situations we are in. Forgive us when we see the immediate instead of the long-range. Forgive us when we don’t trust YOU in every instance! Urge us to take Your hand as we walk into or respective futures, and let us embrace ANY time of the day when You choose to speak to us!!! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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