The Power over Death and the Grave

Jesus was taken in the Garden of Gethsemane, while alongside many of his followers. Think for a moment: In real time if you were one of those disciples, how would you have reacted when the crowd was angrily approaching with staves, and was led by one of your own for a few years. The betrayal kiss would be more than disturbing! Would you be bewildered? We read about it now, but in past tense.

Think again: In real time, how would you have reacted when the crowds were angrily shouting, “Crucify Him! Crucify Him?” Would your mind have raced through the past; and seen Him heal all manners of sickness, lift many with paralysis and other infirmities, demonstrate the power to calm weather, and bring others back to life? Would you have been stunned that Jesus did not fight back against this incredible and diabolical injustice? Would you wonder why He didn’t just sweep all the evil by casting them out into the Dead Sea or the Mediterranean Sea? What was He waiting for?

What would you have thought in real time; when seeing Jesus life ebbing away on the cross, finally seeing him collapse in death, and being buried in a stone tomb? Was it over? Would you struggle with logical human reasoning, that all the time spent with Him up to that point was now over? Was it all for nothing? Imagine the intense curiosity in Peter’s heart when he at least followed close enough to be recognized. Did his heart sink when he saw them leading Jesus to certain death, and become so confused with all the memories developed over the past 3 years? Then to be pointed out in a very hostile atmosphere, did he think, “I could be next!” Think in real time……

Now think about what happens to us in real time.

  • Real time health wise
  • Real time vocation wise
  • Real time relationship wise
  • Real time state of mind wise
  • Real time in the time line of God
  • Real time in Him orchestrating crossing of paths to fulfill a purpose in the grand plan of His

The things we all do immediately become things in the past, that can never be changed. We operate in real time, and make decisions that were based on our childhood development, education, friend’s influence, job experiences, passions, and what we have done with the salvation opportunity.

That phone call you always wanted to make…  Well, make it!

That letter you wanted to write or that card you wanted to send……   Well, do it!

That visit to a person beleaguered in depression, uncertainty, and self-doubt…….   Well, make it!

That lunch opportunity with a casual friend to show a deeper friendship is possible….    Well, arrange it!

That opportunity to share the precious Gospel with a person who doesn’t know the power…..  Well, do it!

That feeling that a closer walk with the Lord is impressed on you by Him…….   Well, spend time with Him!

The past can’t be changed. The present is where we all make the past what it is. What can we all do NOW to make an impact on someone else’s life for eternity? Jesus went to the cross THEN so we could see it now. And He came out of that grave alive to prove He conquered death, so it could be recorded in world’s history of the past. Right now is YOUR time. In real time. Sometimes, we wonder if what we do would make a difference. History is filled with those who did. Jesus did. Peter did.

“Lord, show us now what You can enable Your power through us to do things that will create great tomorrows, today; so it can be known in the pages of time.   In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

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