The Ripples After the Splash

The huge rock plummeted towards earth. It wasn’t an asteroid. It was a local geological find that a teenager found, and was trying to hit floating twig with it as a contest. He missed. But the twig bounced way up because it was close to the splash point. So why did the twig become so active. It was the result of an action by others.

When we look at “actions by others”, we can categorize them all over a wide spectrum. What was the impact of these people made?
Chuck Proudfit
Ben Carson
George Washington
George Washington Carver
Abraham Lincoln
Adolph Hitler
Winston Churchill
Louis Pasteur
Audrey Kresser

Who are these people and what kind of ripples did they make during their lives? I know 2 of them are still living and making a positive impact on people’s lives. The rest are deceased, but the ripples they caused are still being felt today. As you know, each and every human is imperfect, causing ripples to affect people positively or negatively. Chuck Proudfit impacts people’s lives as he seeks empowerment of the Holy Spirit of God for all those in the work world. Ben Carson seeks to improve the health and well-being in society as a whole. But there are those pesky negative ripples we cause when we are not focused on holiness, purity, and evangelical excitement.

George Washington – First president of the US.
George Washington Carver – Brilliant inventor and scientist
Abraham Lincoln – President and statesman.
Adolph Hitler – Leader of Nazism and purveyor of evil
Winston Churchill – Statesman and motivator
Louis Pasteur – Medical scientist
Audrey Kresser – Mother of Lee Kresser

All caused ripples, some good, some as bad as can be had. Each moment in life, we all have the chance to impact someone around us and make them result in an inspirational activity? Why is it when we are closest to the splash (the person closest to us) that we are the most impacted by that person? The further we are away from that person, the less we are impacted. We are close to SO many people every day. Some repeatedly, like where we work. Some, it may be the only time we see them. So many times, we lose focus on what we are really trying to do in this crazy life. Like when we have an appointment: As important as the appointment actually is; the overlooked aspect is how important the trip is TO and FROM the appointment! There are treasures the Lord has set up ON OUR WAY, as well. Let’s leave those twigs bouncing with good ripples!

“Lord, thank You for using the simple things in life, like a fun splash of water in a game with kids. Lord, You provide constant opportunities to impact others for Your purposes, so bring our spiritual vision into focus! Help me recognize those precious opportunities to serve You, AS I GO! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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