The Road to Revival – Part 12 of a Series

Thanksgiving roads

Look where they started and look where they ended up!

The first Thanksgiving wasn’t a holiday. It was a collective celebration of cooperative, bountiful effort. The only shopping was for food, survival and sharing with new friends in a new world. The latest Thanksgiving was just a few days ago. The profoundly amazing first Thanksgiving roads, that joined different continents, seem to have given way to a frantic array of mad dashes to malls and super-stores. Where have the sights and sounds of the REAL Thanksgiving road gone?

Christmas roads

Look where they started and look where they ended up!

The Christmas celebration started as a reverential recollection of the birth of the Savior. People brought expensive gifts hundreds of miles to offer to a person of the highest distinction and nobility. Today, people also do quite a bit of traveling and bear gifts during this time. Should the gift-giving be different from then to now? What do we really offer Christ? Does it have to be wrapped? I remember a little boy once told a church usher to put the collection plate on the floor. He did, and the little boy stepped into the plate and declared, “I am going to give my whole self to Jesus this year.” Can we make that offering?

On the roads we travel, our eyes catch with wonder the bright lights and festive decorations on so many houses. In fact, some sub-divisions and entire streets have so much traffic, it clogs for hours. Yet, in January, all evidence of it disappears. We return to an existence that doesn’t resemble what we committed to just a few weeks before. But if we examine the works of God in the heavens, they display a light show without rival, and are never taken down. So what does God say from the heavens? What roads did the shepherds and the wise men travel to the Savior? Did it matter? They were just determined, and did NOT give up. If they asked you to go with them, what would you have told them?

The Connection

God continually reveals his light show in the heavens. His timing, organization, and arrangements are shown in the great Star of Bethlehem; astronomical constellations demand consideration of His work and prophecy in predicting Christ’s birth place and time. This set of lights DOES NOT come down. This set of lights guides, overwhelms, and astonishes those who study. His light INSIDE us should also be bright on any hill, to guide others to the Lord. The Star of Bethlehem movie link tells the scientific backup of this event:

“Lord, let us be fascinated by your handiwork. And let us worship You in spirit and truth this season. Thank You, Lord, for the gift that keeps re-gifting, and help us to step into the offering plate. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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