The Road to Revival – Part 13 of a Series

Will you “like” me when we get there?

We just passed the “mile marker” of the “time” highway marked 2013. The mile marker showing 2012 is in the rear view mirror. There is no turning back to fix, undo, improve things or reconcile with someone else. During the wild ride of 2012, there was good and not so good. Will 2013 be better? Will we “like” what God does in 2013?

Do you want me to “like” you now?

People everywhere want me to “like” them, their company, their post, their blog, their mission, or their passion in life. Why do people ask me to do this? Did you “like” anyone or anything in 2012? Is my “like” important enough to them, or are they interested only in quantity? Is the number of “likes” they receive for a specific purpose? Well, yes it is. It shows a foundation of approval, a level of trust and integrity, and a level of predictability for dependability. If we get a lot of “likes” we mean more than someone with a just few “likes”, right? But if we can take a step back, we can look at WHO likes us.

If every living president and all leading evangelists “liked” me, would that tend to carry more weight than 100 people we didn’t know that well?

Will you “like” me when we get there?

Now THERE’S a question! Have you ever ridden with someone in 2012 who scared you with their reckless behavior? Or didn’t trust them because they were texting while driving? Were they critical as they blasted others for their faults in “road rage?” Remember when we couldn’t wait for the trip to be over? We all did.

Do you know hundreds of people who are figuratively traveling WITH us in 2013 at work, at the game, or at home? They will be counting on us for quality directions in life. And it will be our responsibility to talk with them along the way, and point them to the cross. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a short trip or a long trip. But when they get to the end of their lives, and they know where they’ll spend eternity, each person certainly WILL remember the part of the trip with us!

In the end, will God “like” what we did with the time He gave us with people? Will those who were alongside us for life’s ride “like” how we guided them? The answers to those questions are ahead of us, not behind us.

Lord, the road ahead is unknown. Empower us as we go into 2013, and help us love unconditionally. Those who will “travel” alongside us will be there for a season. Bless them through us, so they may know of YOUR love and salvation plans. In Christ’s Name. Amen.”

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