The Road to Revival – Part 14 of a Series

Look Who’s Driving!

Whether on our daily commute, on vacation at a far-away place, out to get a bite to eat, or going to see our favorite sports teams, we notice something in common in EVERY vehicle we see on our way: Someone’s driving and in control!!

It is only when NO ONE is driving a moving vehicle we really notice, right? In fact, we expect someone in control of a moving vehicle, don’t we? The same goes for our lives as we are moving down the road. Like the timeline of our earthly life, someone has to be in control. The main question is “Who?”

Let’s take a look at two scenarios: One in which the driver decides that their own capabilities and judgment are all that’s required to navigate troubled times and the unknown. The other is when we rely on God to guide us through the gauntlets of life. In this situation, we willingly decide to take our hands off the wheel and let Him take us HIS way! The parallel here forces us to examine who is really running our lives.

1. Relying on myself to control: Those who don’t believe in God and those who have difficulty trusting God in every area of life think “they” are in control of everything around them. If a vehicle recklessly weaves through traffic, we decide to distance ourselves, because we don’t want to be involved with any collateral effects from the wreckage of bad judgment. Then, if damage does occur, those very drivers tend to blame others.

It’s hard to watch lives being ruined by decisions that are toxic. We want to reach out and help, because we know in our hearts we want to share the vital message to “trust God and lean not unto our own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all ways and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

2. Relying on God to control: So what does God want from us? He says: “Move over.” Why is it so hard for us to release the wheel and move over? Even when we know He’s right. So why do we still rely on our physical senses and perceptions to tenaciously try to maintain our grip on our own lives?

When God—seeing danger or opportunity ahead—is behind the wheel, isn’t it easier for Him to respond with lightning-fast reflexes? Imagine Him having to fight for control with us while we are trying to hang onto the wheel. At work, at home, at special events or at times of relaxation, things go according to plan when He’s in control.


Lord, the road ahead into the future is unknown. Help me not to tell YOU how to go, Lord. Take the wheel of our lives. And make me realize I’ll never have to tell you to stop and ask for directions. In Christ’s Name. Amen.”

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  1. Melinda

    Well said, Lee. ONLY when we slide over to the “passenger” side, and let God drive our lives, can we get where we want to go.


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