The Road to Revival – Part 15 of a Series

“Turn around. You can’t go on.”

How would you like to be told to stop and not go any further in the direction you had planned? I have known people who took the necessary educational courses, received superior performance evaluations, and hit the corporate numbers required of them. But still, they were denied that big promotion. That road to higher recognition and pay became filled with construction barricades. How would you feel?

In another example, the day I got my passport, I viewed it with amazement. It said I am a citizen of a country. It was issued because background verification authenticated the person on the passport is really I. (Unlike the “Bourne Identity” movie trilogy, where one person has many fake passports.) But there is ONE authentic customs agent in the spiritual realm, and that’s Jesus. If I want to go to another physical country, I have to take my passport with me into that foreign land. When I want to return home, I must show written documentation I AM that person (the passport).

A Different Kind of Passport

I’ve traveled on business to Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. I’ve visited Israel on a vacation trip. Each time, a designated officer would check my passport, either visually or electronically, to see whether I should be denied access. Each time, I was allowed to proceed.

We’ve heard enough conversations to know we MUST have a passport to travel internationally. Why not tell everyone around us about the heavenly passport that we need for our heavenly homeland? Too many great folks at our workplaces aren’t aware they will NEED that passport, validated with the blood of Jesus to get in. If their names are not in the angelic log book, they WILL be denied entry. Here are the requirements:

1)  You MUST have a heavenly passport: We must tell those around us that when we depart from this earth, the destination will be either heaven (if we have a passport) or hell (if we don’t have a passport). On that day, when others know we had the required passport, they will think back to the moments when we either told them about it or remained silent.

2)    You MUST have it validated to gain access to the destination:  Jesus Christ will be the border agent at the gate, and He will look at the book where all the validated names are written. If any names are not there, access is denied. (John 14:6.)


“Lord, make us aware that we need to share the love of God through Christ with our co-workers. In Christ’s Name. Amen.”

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