The Road To Revival – Part 17 of a series – “Lights Flashing in My Rear View Mirror”

Most of us have driven enough miles to know what “lights flashing” behind us means. When lights are blue, we better pull over. If it’s not our infraction, the police car roars past us to an emergency or another motorist. When the lights are red, we pull over because emergency equipment is heading toward a fire or a medical crisis.

But sometimes the lights are white. White? Yes. What does it mean if we are traveling at the speed limit, and someone behind us flashes their high beam headlights at us? We seldom know the real reason why, but one thing is clear. They want to go faster than we are currently traveling. Modern cars can easily do 100 MPH. But an original Model A Ford can’t. In Germany, the Autobahn highway has NO speed limits, and if you are going 120 MPH, you may experience a person coming up behind you going 150 MPH! They will flash their headlights; you will pull over, and let them past. They don’t think it’s rude. But if someone flashes their lights at us here, we often get upset and hope there is a cop ahead who will yank them over. Different attitude.

How Fast are We Going on Our Christian Road?
So, these questions arise:

1. In our Christian lives, are we doing only the “speed limit” of Christian growth because we self-imposed a comfort or safety limit on our progress? Are we aware that the Lord has built into us an incredible array of handling characteristics, agility and capabilities to do things HIS way? Are we guilty of a little criticism of others who seem to be passing us, without notice or recognition of our performance, because we are adhering to a course of action? Don’t we realize we will eventually pass someone, too? Why do we often critique those who aren’t doing what we’re doing?

2. In our Christian lives, have we recognized God has equipped us with a perfectly tuned and matched power plant that is capable of incredible performance? How fast or how far along our Christian “road” are we really able to go? Are we holding back for some reason? Are we stuck in second gear but sound like we’re going fast? Have we even tried higher gears in His strength and guidance? He gave us the engine and transmission to go through our lives, not someone else’s life!

It’s Not All Expressway Driving
We are hand-crafted by our Creator for specific speeds along the roads in our lives, and we know it won’t all be an expressway driving experience. But as we gain experience and wisdom to get our full range of speeds and capabilities, our spiritual agility and discernment grow into what the Lord has prepared us for.

“Lord, show us what You can do through us on the roads through this life. In Christ’s Name. Amen.”

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