Restoration- The Road to Revival (Part 19 of a Series)

I work part-time where old classic and vintage automobiles are taken from a condition of deterioration, neglect, and misuse, and transforming them into pieces of art, showmanship, historical significance and beauty. They come in on trailers, tow trucks, or pulled by chain or rope. Occasionally they come in smoking, making sounds or containing smells that are undefinable. So what would the owner like to do? Many times, the owner wants the work done based on his or her tastes, preferences, and financial resources. When we see these classics rolling down the road, we can also see a great spiritual lesson.

When God sees each one of us, He sees Himself in His creations. He desires for others to see what He is doing in each of our lives. He also wants this reflected through our obedience, our prayers, our praise, and embracing our passion to know Christ and make Him known.

On an earthly level, some might say, “No, it’s too far gone. It can’t be salvaged. It will never be like the manufacturer had it.” Or, “There isn’t enough of it left to do anything positive from now.” Or, “The cost will be so high, are you sure you want to go through with it?” Sometimes, new cars get banged up with hail, careless motorists, or even ourselves. So age doesn’t always matter.

My earthly boss asks the customer: “What do you want to do, how much do you want to invest, and what do you want it to look like when it’s done?” It is a very open way to find what’s envisioned.

1) Most things may be more costly that they planned.
2) Most won’t understand the level of details and coordination to redeem an “object project” to bring it back to match what they envision. Sometimes the owner requests it to be just as the maker had it from the factory.
3) Most observers of the final result will never know what went into the transformation as they see the finished product going down the road. However, the ones who have been through the process will know.

My heavenly Boss asks the same thing: “What do you want Me to do, are you willing to give Me your all to invest in you, and will you listen to Me through prayers, reading My Holy Word, and do what I ask?”

1) Most will not appreciate the tremendous price that was paid to redeem your soul.
2) Most will not understand the spiritual coordination that took place for God to make us like new.
3) Most who see the re-born evidence will not understand the transformation as they see us going down the road of this life. Only those who have already been through it will know.

“Lord, as we turn into Your restoration booth, please transform us into what You want the world to see. In Christ’s Name. Amen.”

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