The Road To Revival – Part 3 of a series

March is here, and it’s time to start looking at plans for a spring or summer trip
Early on, I noticed something about trips. Sometimes, the adventure is to GET to the destination. And sometimes the distance between points of interest IS part of the trip. Christian pilgrims dream of being in heaven and beholding unimaginable majesty. But how often do we miss the points God has been showing us all along? How will our earthly trip be remembered? The more we understand that we have to be productive during our trip HERE, the more we will make an impact THERE. So how are you planning YOUR trip?
Let’s “map” the parallel spiritual significance of these two earthly trips, as examples:
Trip #1.What about a long trip from Chicago to Seattle? Should I take Interstate 90? It’s the most direct, but would it be better to take secondary roads to see more?
Trip #2.What about a shorter trip from Las Vegas to Fresno, CA? There simply AREN’T any Interstate highways, so you HAVE to take secondary roads. How should I plan that trip?
On my trips, I will probably look at:
Trip #1
I’ll be sure to visit Mt. Rushmore when I go through South Dakota. I wonder about the craftsmen who chiseled and ground the surfaces of those faces to see the replicas of the four presidents. They MUST HAVE had an idea of who they wanted people to see. DEEP TRUTH: The faces were there ALL THE TIME. The craftsmen just removed everything that didn’t look like the faces they planned. There are a lot of chips at the bottom.
And I reflect what people see when they look at my face. Do they see Jesus? If they don’t, the Master craftsman knows more of MY pieces need to be removed, so nothing gets in the way of people seeing Jesus when they look at me and my ways. I want a lot of chips at the bottom. John 14:9 – “Have I been so long with you? …he that has seen Me has seen the Father…”  When people see us, who do they see?
Trip #2
Death Valley is on the way. It is known for Furnace Creek and Badwater Basin, and is the lowest point in the US. The least amount of rainfall in the US fell there. From 1931 through 1934, only 0.68 inches of rain fell. No growth can be seen anywhere. In spiritual terms, a lack of living water in Christ means there is no spiritual growth. Driving along lonely dusty roads is similar to meeting people who are in the process of drying up and being non-productive for God. Lord, I need your refreshing and nourishing living water to bring me back to life.
Lord, let people see You in my life, and remove what shouldn’t be there. Guide me to Your well of sustaining strength as I go on my way. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”
– Lee Kresser

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