The Road To Revival – Part 6 of a series

Do you know what seems to be the first crop of the spring season? Traffic cones and orange construction barrels, with big flashing arrows signs. They spring up all over the place. Sounds funny, but it’s true.

Why do we even have road building, road repair, bridge and tunnel upkeep? Is it possible the original crew didn’t do an adequate job? Maybe. Maybe not. I’m sure funding cuts or cost overruns have an impact on quality. But to assume that every transportation avenue has sub-standard labor, sub-standard materials and design flaws is incorrect. In fact, we all dread driving over roads that are cracked and broken, not level and shifting, or riddled with potholes. Our ride gets banged up and knocked out of alignment. Our teeth get rattled, and a washed-out road can actually cause us physical harm if we are washed downstream. We dread even more when work crews interrupt regular appearance and traffic. But we like when all is well again, and the trials are over.

On our virtual road
If the copy machine gets messed up when we are next in line, the rush job we are holding can get wrinkled as our hands respond to the frustration. When the proposal department can’t seem to get project quotes out on time, steam can come out of our ears. When warranty costs go up because of shoddy manufacturing, profits suffer and improvements to the plant must wait. Everyone has seen these issues, and we have to deal with them. We expect every day to be predictable and issue-free. But people will fail us, and machines do not run forever. We will have bumpy rides on some days. We have to allow for construction and maintenance in our physical lives and in those around us.

On our spiritual road
How do we react when facing a tough issue? Do we let interruptions drift into our lives and our lane? If someone knowingly makes a bad decision, are we ready with an “I told you so.”? Or do we try to work with the person and give them a “lift”— either spiritually or physically? Do we stop what we’re doing on our way through life to help out someone who has hit some deep potholes?

It’s possible we all need spiritual maintenance at some point. Maybe we can pay for that new alignment, so others can be on their way. We can make efforts to repair relationships, restore friendships, and reach out to those in Jesus’ name (Gal 6:1-10).

“Lord, open my eyes, and help me see where I need to minister today. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

– Lee Kresser

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