The Road To Revival – Part 8 of a series

Cough, cough.
Honk, honk.
Listen to that overwhelming traffic.
It’s just too much.

The Information Highway

Computers process large amounts of information at blinding speeds. However, computers can’t determine whether to spend time with family or work on that big account. Computers can’t see a son’s disappointment when dad isn’t there for the big game. Or the look on a young daughter’s face when mom delays a promised shopping trip. The sheer amount of today’s information bombards us, crowding into our lives along with:

  • Traffic congestion
  • Time spent waiting
  • Constant distractions

The Meaning of the Merge

Have you ever noticed when a person is at the entrance ramp to an expressway, the driver thinks other drivers are obligated to let them in? I recently saw someone just aim their car into traffic, without even looking! I have also seen some drivers who speed to the merge point at a lane closure, try to crowd their way in, then get angry when no one lets them in! They EXPECT people to be courteous, even when they aren’t. Additional “driving” similarities:

  1. We can expect that more people/situations will try to crowd into our lives.
  2. We can expect that God will bring situations and challenges to us for our own good.
  3. We will choose whether the “merge” aligns with God or not.

The Value of the Voice

God wants us all to be close to Him, following Him on a road to obedience, devotion and worship. He understands that Satan wants to crowd things into our lives to divert attention from our Savior. It is OUR choice as to whether to let him in. Satan wants to cut in so, he can increase the distance between God and us. Satan can then slow down, and create even greater distance. So what can we do?

  1. Don’t let Satan in.
  2. If God does seem to be getting farther away, floor it and get back on track.
  3. God may even tell you to get off the highway. For example, suspicious promotions or huge raises may be temptations to divert your attention. Then do what He says; God knows your road better than anyone.

“Lord, let me see that to be “still” in bumper-to-bumper traffic is not the same as to be “still and know that I am God” (Psalms 46:10). In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

– Lee Kresser

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