The Road To Revival

Greetings, everyone connected with At Work On Purpose! 2012 is here, and it’s going to be quite a trip!

Speaking of trips, many of you traveled during Christmas and New Year’s. I pray everyone is back safely, with wonderful and heart-felt stories. Traveling is unique, because it takes into account time and distance. It’s a journey. As we travel, we also have great opportunities to grow spiritually. So, you can see, our path through this life has different elements.
This is no ordinary ROAD
It takes into account different scenery, fellowship with different passengers, and different obstacles along our way. So many Christians yearn for ANY kind of revival. And each month, we will experience travels through time, space, and spiritual growth. These will challenge us, encourage us, and direct us to the God who has laid out our spiritual maps for maximum spiritual and kingdom impact!
What can I do?
While traveling along our individual paths through life, we can broadcast Christ through our speech, our actions, and our very lives. People will see the love of our Lord through business dealings, contract negotiations, supplier / vendor relationships, and through our dealings with fellow workers, family and friends.
When our own roads become rough or filled with obstacles, what will our friends see? Impatience? Attitudes that don’t reflect Biblical principles? Complaining? Or patience and endurance? If we are blessed by over-abundance, will we get frustrated by all the “stuff” that now doesn’t get done?
Lord, YOU are THE authority, so prayer is the mandatory first step
He will bring you business, or steer business to others. He will be with you through ANY change in direction, taking you down a different road. In all cases, prayerful requests and submission to God mark the beginning of great achievement.
Lord, we pray that Your hand would be upon us through 2012. The ‘Doomsday’ predictors have NO authority over what happens or what doesn’thappen this year. YOU are THE authority. Please align us with Your Holy Hand, and guide us in our daily lives to prepare and be part of a great harvest of souls. Whether we are praying on the streets for Harvest Evangelism, piloting Biznistries® down the runways of compassion in serving, joining forces in Open Door Academy on the electronic highways of trusted academia, actively promoting Christ every day in the halls and corridors of our work places, behind the scenes along the paths in worthwhile projects in other countries or within our own cities, we place our trust and our faith in YOU. It doesn’t matter what direction the road takes or how many happen to be with us. As long as we are following Your lead, Lord, we win. And we pray we all do in 2012. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”
– Lee Kresser

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