The Wonderful Hand of a Friend

A bright flash lit up the sky, followed by a loud clap of thunder. The sound of a tree being blown apart was heard at the same time. The tree would never be the same.

Stepping back quite a distance revealed that the tree stood alone in a relatively large field. The reason why it was standing alone is relevant only because we know when anything stands alone, it has only itself as the only means of support.

But standing alone WITH God is NOT like standing alone without God. A single tree in a wide open space portrays a perhaps interesting silhouette in a sunset, but a tree amongst many others has a better chance of not getting hit by a lightning bolt, or tipped over in a storm.

When troubles come (notice not “if”), it is tough to stand alone. Family and friends are those who God puts in our path to extend a hand in those times of need. In Exodus, chapter 17, Moses help up the rod of God in his hands during a battle with the Amelakites, and was winning the battle. But his arms grew weary. And when the rod of God ceased to be lifted up, the battle turned towards the enemy winning. So Aaron and Hur went and allowed Moses to sit down, yet went on each side of Moses. They assisted Moses in more than one way. They allowed Moses to directly keep his arms up, which held the rod of God. But with the rod of God lifted up, the battle again turned towards Israel winning. And the battle ended up in Israel’s favor because of it.

So when our friends rally around us; when hands are extended in a time of great need; when the storms of life seem to swirl in a downward whirlpool and those who love us reach into danger or sacrifice to help us; we not only begin to see relief and a little stability; we regain the PURPOSE of why the Lord put us here in the first place.

When we pray for Chuck Proudfit and the executive team of AWOP, we are lifting THEIR arms to keep up the work of the Lord in the marketplace. When we pray for different AWOP members who are working all kinds of behind-the-scenes tasks to bring value to work related evangelism, we are part of the support that they NEED to feel the Lord’s direction! We are all interconnected. And likewise, we are part of the support in our other spheres of influence that God has given to us! We can’t stand alone and be productive. Look for those who will come alongside us. It’s that important!

“Thank You, Lord; for giving us Scripture to bring into focus how we need our family / friends to undertake and complete the work You have set before us. You have selected certain moments in time for paths to cross for SPECIFIC reasons right then. Reveal to us where to look to not only lift up our own Lord’s rod in OUR battles, but where to help others in their battles. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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