Those Yellow Traffic Cones

The dump truck roars by in a swirl of dust, hauling tons of dirt from a highway construction site. The seemingly endless parade of trucks, equipment, and workers in reflective vests indicates progress, messy traffic patterns, and time behind the wheel with fingers thumping away impatiently on the steering wheel.

The question is: WHY do we have to do all this mess?
The answer is: So there is an improvement in daily living with minimal disruption.

The yellow cones appearing in single file seem to “crowd” us from our normal routines, and force us to go places we had not planned. Detour signs add to the mix of inconvenience, and flaggers appear not to comply with traffic lights on occasion, indicating their superiority.

The interesting thing is that traffic cones are not MEANT to mess with us, but to keep us from situations that will hurt us or others during the improvements. If we choose to NOT regard the cones; we can end up off a bridge abutment, drop into a deep trench, crash into a huge piece of construction equipment, or take innocent lives. In other words, the ones who are setting up cautionary provisions are looking out for our best interests.

When we examine the way the Holy Spirit moves, He arranges the line of traffic cones that operates internally within us to keep us from straying from a safe and productive Christian life. He is the one who sets up road blocks and detours to get us off a path we are on that is leading to a dangerous end result.

Too many times, during the day-to-day hustle and bustle, we lose the awareness of the Lord trying to guide us. We are caught up in “driving” the same route in our lives, and not thinking about it! We don’t notice the changes until another driver starts merging into our lane because there was a narrowing of the road from 2 lanes to one, or three lanes to two. Then, we are jolted into awareness.

If we were paying attention to the small changes around us, and we felt the sensitive nudge of God to alter our path; we would not be surprised to see the line of spiritual yellow cones guiding us to a safe re-direction.

Sometimes a “traffic cone” could be a change in health, loss of a job, a financial gain or loss, a family tragedy, or a comment from someone. Or a traffic cones could simply be an observation or thought. So, let us re-think our viewpoint when we see a construction site and those wild assortments of traffic ones, concrete barriers, and flaggers. Let us thank the Lord for a vivid example of a powerful reality in His leading us each and every day, keeping us in line!

“Lord, thanks for being there with applicable guidance for us in the form of simple construction examples. Let us reflect on the spiritual traffic cones You set up to help us along our lives! What a mess we’d be in without YOU! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

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