Winners and Losers-What’s the Difference?

What an exciting year for Cincinnati Bengal fans. Sadly, it came to an end on February 13, 2022, by just three points that declared the LA Rams winners of Super Bowl LVI. But that did not stop fans from celebrating the AFC Champs, the Cincinnati Bengals! What an incredible team, though, they’ve not always been that. They struggled for many years. They were ridiculed and deemed the underdogs of the NFL.

Louie, my rescue pup, knows what it feels like to be an underdog. He was often overlooked and forgotten, yet he is truly transformed and happy today.

We here in Cincinnati, and most people throughout the country, watched the transformation of the Cincinnati Bengals right before our eyes. This year, they made it to the Super Bowl, played a heck of a game, and will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with next year!

A new coach and a few new players contributed to the transformation. But the most significant change? A team built on TRUST. They trusted their coaches and leaders and the skills and abilities of their teammates. And trust took them all the way! Trust also transformed Louie!

As a leader, what are you doing intentionally to build trust with your team? We can have a great mission and vision, SMART goals, and yet, without trust, our teams will not go far. Be intentional about building trust.

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