Work from rest

Work from Rest. It sounds so simple, but I don’t find it to be easy! My last few months at work have been challenging, with an overflow of projects tied to non-negotiable deadlines. We all get there sometimes… over loaded. A recent breaking point for me was returning home on a Sunday from an international speaking engagement, looking at my calendar for the upcoming week, and realizing that it was relentlessly packed. I had not anticipated how much I would miss weekend “down time.” I found myself trying to “rest from work” all week long, and then “limping” into the following weekend. I won’t make that mistake twice… when I lose a future weekend to work, I will set aside time during the work week to rest. I can “run the race” as Paul famously said (2 Timothy 4:7), but it’s a marathon and I need to treat it as such. How about you?

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