Workplace Minefields

“Workplace” and “ethics” can easily seem to be contradictory terms. Every week we read in the news about the latest workplace scandal. Every month we hear of a colleague who was hurt by impropriety at work. Every year we watch someone famous fall from grace, and we think to ourselves, “how the mighty have fallen”.

A colleague recently sent me an article from the Christian press, advancing the view that capitalism and Christianity are fundamentally incompatible. In this line of thinking, the profit-making motive of the workplace is irreconcilable with the views of Christianity.

Let me suggest that, as Christians in the workplace, our challenge is not to walk away from the dark recesses of work. But, instead, bring the light of Christ to the darkness we find! I believe, as Jesus counseled, that we can and must be “in” the workplace but not “of” the workplace.

The temptations of the work world are real, but they are not overwhelming. If a working Christian simply lives out the principles of Proverbs in everyday work, this action alone will keep us out of trouble. Temptations are inevitable. If you find yourself in that vulnerable position, seek out another working Christian as an accountability partner.

The members of At Work on Purpose regularly encounter “minefields” in the workplace, and we overcome them together as the body of Christ at work. If you need counsel, connect with us at .

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