Are you going to work WithOUT God?

Today’s secular world removes God from work.  Yet the vast majority of Jesus’ ministry happened while working.  What changed?
Saturday, March 4th at Cincinnati Christian University

Doors open at 8. Come visit our workplace booths

Event is from 9-Noon

Optional lunch with Skye from Noon-1


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Tell Me More

Skye Jethani, author of With: Reimaging the Way You Relate To God, will help you understand how Jesus’ relationship with God often differs from our own. Jethani’s live presentation will reveal how you view your relationship to the Creator of the Universe. Engaging Breakout Sessions will explore Jethani’s four common postures in relating to God and use them as a starting point for improving the relationship.

Become equipped to Go To Work WITH God.


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 Breakout Sessions

Our breakouts will address four ways we often relate to God instead of being WITH God:

  • Work Life UNDER God … I’ll play by the rules to gain a blessing and avoid disaster.
  • Work Life OVER God – … Tune me into His applicable principles and I’m good to go.
  • Work Life FROM God – … I’m going to keep telling Him what I need and I’ll have faith that I’ll receive it.
  • Work Life FOR God – … What a privilege it is to make a difference for God through what I accomplish.

Saturday, March 4th at Cincinnati Christian University