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Choose from the Breakout Sessions below, to further develop your spirituality  and equip you with a workplace strategy.

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Climbing the Corporate Ladder Without Losing Your Soul

It’s a daily challenge to be faith filled in a workplace that is indifferent, and sometimes even hostile, to faith expression at work. Explore HOW to juggle career advancement with spiritual development. Leave with practical principles to get you started. Learn from Al Erisman, author of “The Accidental Executive” and a leader in the International Faith & Work Coalition.

Albert M. (Al) Erisman is the Executive in Residence and the past Director for the Center for Integrity in Business in the School of Business and Economics at Seattle Pacific University. He teaches business ethics and business and technology,both at the undergraduate and the graduate level.

Engaging Local Churches in Work Life Ministry

Many of us want to bring work life ministry to our local churches, but don’t know where to begin. Explore HOW to awaken the imagination of your local church to the ministry possibilities of the workplace. Leave with a launch strategy . Learn from Matt Rusten, Executive Director of the Made to Flourish network, a national and ecumenical community of local churches establishing work life ministry.

Putting Worship into Everyday Work

It’s easy to say that “work is worship”, but it can be really hard to put worship into work. Explore HOW to serve people spiritually through work, gradually “earning the favor of the people”. Leave with your starting point. Learn from Jake Crawford, a creative and committed 20-something who embodies what it means to be a workplace missionary as part of an fully integrated life of faith.

Sharing the Good News at Work

Working Christians share lots of good news at work, but we often neglect to share the best news of all – the Good News of Christ. Explore HOW to be the church in everyday life, so that it becomes more natural to engage in spiritual conversations where you work. Leave with God’s GPS for spiritual engagement. Learn from Doug Pollock, author of God Space and a national trainer with Athletes in Action.

Mentoring in the Workplace

There are many forms of discipleship in the Christian community, but life-on-life mentoring is one of the most powerful. Explore HOW to be a “Paul” to a “Timothy”, a spiritual teacher to a motivated student. Leave with a method for discipiling someone at work, and being discipled yourself. Learn from Terry Grear, the CEO of ScrogginsGrear and author of “Could Jesus Have Been a CPA?”.

Hearing God’s Voice on the Job

Today’s workplace is filled with clutter and commotion, 24/7/365. Yet even amidst all the background noise of work, it’s still possible to hear God’s “still, small voice”. Explore HOW to tune in to God’s leading for your daily work life. Leave with a new set of spiritual “ears to hear”. Learn from Rusty Geverdt, founder of the Cincinnati House of Prayer and co-founder of Witheos.

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