Your Word is a Lamp

Psalm 119: 105 encourages us that God’s word is a lamp for our feet, and a light on our path. In years past, I’ve read this passage for its immediate meaning, that scripture illuminates the steps we should take, and the path we should follow, throughout the course of our lives. These wise words also speak to work life, and this is where I’ve found a deeper meaning from Psalm 119:105. During my corporate career, I was rigorously trained to “begin with the end in mind”, first defining “what success looks like” and then “planning the work and working the plan.” This sounds great in theory, but practice can be a tough teacher. Sometimes the successful ending is not easy to define from the start. Sometimes the plan needs to be changed radically because of unexpected circumstances. Sometimes the plan needs to be scrapped altogether, and work needs to cease completely. It’s in these moments at work that we can see a deeper meaning in Psalm 119:105. God’s word casts light on our feet, which means that we can see the next step to take, but not necessarily the step after that. In fact, one step at a time, we step forward in faith at work, with conviction for things we cannot yet see (Hebrews 11:1). Sometimes at work, stepping forward just one faithful step at a time, we stay on God’s vocational path for us, but only discover where it leads once we’ve finally arrived! It turns out that old adage is true, that life is a journey as much as a destination, especially in the light of eternity. Reflect on this insight as you listen to Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith bring it to song:

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